Thursday, 4 February 2010


I chose Manchester because of a number of reasons, Firstly its reputation as a highly rated art education centre, which I feel will best help me to develop my skills to enable me to further my photography career.

Having studied Fine art at college for two years I have particular interest in photography, and this course offers the freedom I need to experiment with my own ideas as well as training me to use traditional processes. Learning new techniques is something I am particularly looking forward to.

I draw my inspirations from photographers such as Samuel john Butts and Adam Kola who both encapsulate a narrative within their images. My portfolio includes pictures that are currently being used on Siggeir M. Hafsteinssons website ( ), Decyfer on (, The Studio Rockers Website, ( and a picture of the Liverpool War Museum on schmap ( .

Manchester is also local to me and I feel it has everything I need from both an educational and lifestyle perspective, with a broad range of cultural and leisure activities available, which inspires me to be more creative.

Jack Roe - This is a double exposure of a friend at a house party.

Here i'm expermenting with combining natural light with my flash.

Foggy bridge 4am.

MC Tonn Piper - Action Shot.

St James Street station on my way home.

Mike Salt tempting death.

DJ Decyfer - Promoting his new record.

Jake Buckley chilling in the pool.

Ben Richards - Get out of my face.

DUB bmx @ The Magnet.

Capturing Northern Rail with my new Fisheye.

Mike Lyons - Doing a cross grab backslide.